Wicked Silk

March 30, 2014

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[column width=”16%” margin_right=”2%” margin_bottom=”1%”][/column][column width=”74%” margin_top=”4%” margin_bottom=”3%”]My show this week is inspired by Arum Rae, a new discovery whose voice I describe as “Wicked Silk.”  Check out her video of “Heaven.”[/column]

[column width=”100%” margin_top=”0%” margin_bottom=”1%”]Follow Along with the Playlist and Securely Purchase the Songs![/column]
[column width=”100%” margin_top=”1%” margin_bottom=”1%”]Also on the Show: Hear from Christine McVie who announces her return to Fleetwood Mac! – Read More! [/column]
[column width=”100%” margin_top=”0%” margin_bottom=”1%”]Featured Video: The animals at Willows Animal Sanctuary set to a Paul Rodgers song from The Royal Sessions. – See the Video! [/column]
[column width=”100%” margin_top=”0%” margin_bottom=”1%”]Chef Series: Kitty interviews author Michele Scicolone about Italian cooking and her new Italian Vegetable Cookbook. – Listen Here! [/column]
[column width=”100%” margin_top=”0%” margin_bottom=”3%”]Featured Recipe: Michele Scicolone shares her recipe for Fresh Pea Soup. – See the Recipe! [/column]


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