Train Keeps A Rolling

[column width=”24%” margin_right=”1%” margin_bottom=”3%”][/column][column width=”74%” margin_top=”2%” margin_bottom=”3%”]My show this week is called TRAIN KEEPS A ROLLING inspired by the new Jeff Golub album featuring Brian Auger. In 2011, Jeff lost his eyesight. You can read more about this on his FaceBook page. PLEASE BUY HIS ALBUM.  As he said, “His life depends on it.”  The record is superb and his determination to continue to create music awe-inspiring.[/column]

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[column width=”100%” margin_top=”2%” margin_bottom=”2%”]Jeff has been going through an unbelievable struggle with losing his sight. You can help by making a donation to the Jeff Golub Medical Expenses account for the purpose of covering expenses incurred due to this sudden blindness. [/column]
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[column width=”100%” margin_top=”3%” margin_bottom=”2%”]DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST & SHARE WITH FRIENDS!  Don’t forget to SHOP from my store for all the music you hear on my show – Complete playlist posted, click and buy! Plus, lots of other cool products at the best prices available!  Follow me and share on FB and Twitter. [/column]


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