“Ora Designers/Fine Jewelers has been honored to be endorsed by Kitty Kinnin for over two decades. Kitty has gone over and beyond to represent Ora both on air and in person. We continue to be astounded by Kitty’s extensive and exceedingly loyal following, as not a week goes by that a listener does not visit Ora just because they have heard Kitty’s spots. We have been able to contribute countless sales, from custom jewelry to gift ware, to Kitty’s endorsement. She continually puts her heart and soul into her work and this sets her apart from all others in the industry. No other form of advertising that we have ever done has produced the results that our association with Kitty has. Without a doubt, we absolutely adore Kitty.”   – Lesa Hocutt, Administrative Store Manager – Ora Designers/Fine Jewelers
“Kitty Kinnin’s ability to promote, inspire, and educate truly makes her one of the most respected and admired radio hosts in the industry. She has the unique ability to effect a project’s success in a way that is seamless and extremely enjoyable for the client. I PROUDLY recommend her!”   – Van Eure, Owner Angus Barn
“I was honored to be a part of Kitty Kinnin’s chef series in February 2013 and enjoyed enthusiastic feedback from listeners. She asked insightful questions and bridged the gap between the music and food worlds beautifully. I will happily slide on those earphones anytime she asks.”  – Chef/Owner Vivian Howard of Chef and the Farmer
“Kitty has a passion for educating others on food and craft beverages that translates in her community work and on air. Her experience and interest in amazing food and working with chefs delivering top-quality, local cuisine, give all her listeners the inside scoop, while creating opportunities for connections that go beyond the airwaves.”  – Colleen Minton –  Terravita Food & Wine Event
“Kitty is the best there is, as a radio personality. I started in radio sales almost 25 years ago and I have met some great folks along the way, but Kitty is the best I have seen. She is a professional all the way. Does not come any better than Kitty! – Carrie Peele, Owner, Blue Diamond Limousine
“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all you did for the GotToBeNC Competition Dining Series Fire In The Triangle last year.  As we were initially interviewing our chefs, each one of them said that we should get a hold of Kitty Kinnin. She has her finger on the pulse of every chef and restaurant in the North Carolina Triangle area. As soon as you started talking on your radio show about our dining series, tickets sales boomed. As a matter fact we sold out 15 battles at 100 seats per night before the first event ever began in a brand new market at that! The live interviews you gave our chefs throughout the series provided valuable exposure and helped their business grow. Wherever you go and whatever you do, if it is in the state of North Carolina, we will support you. You have been a great help to our competition dining series. “ – JIMMY CRIPPEN, Founder/Director – COMPETITION DINING
“If you enjoy real music, real chats, & a D.J. with a genuine love for the music she is spinning, listen to Kitty Kinnin…She is a true gem.”
Jeanne Jolly, Recording Artist/Songwriter
“Kitty’s enthusiasm and love for our coffee shines through in such an honest way on-air. She gives us more than she has to, because she really cares about the companies she promotes. People have ordered our coffee quoting Kitty as the reason. In addition, she gave us the great idea for Bad Kitty Blend to support Interact of NC and it’s been such a good seller for us. She just gets it. “ – Kyley Schmidt, Marketing Manager, Larry’s Beans

Listeners on Kitty’s Sunday Brunch

“I am one of your biggest fans…Listening to your Sunday Brunch over all these years has turned me on to so much incredible music that I know I otherwise would have never had the opportunity to experience, except through your radio program. Even the commercials you created were so entertaining and enjoyable to listen to; they didn’t really seem like commercials, but more like a story, or a chat with an old friend.

The Chef Series that you did was basically a commercial for the restaurant being featured, but it was presented as more of an educational piece to allow the listener to be introduced to the chef, learn a little about their personality and how the came to be where they are, and educate the listeners about food, and how it’s prepared. It was one of the segments of the Brunch that I especially enjoyed, and it speaks volumes about your ability to entertain people to have someone say that they actually looked forward to the commercials you produced.

I went to Artsplosure this past weekend to see Jeanne Jolly when I found out she was playing on Saturday. She’s one of those artists that I probably would’ve never discovered, except through listening to your show. I hope you will add me to your friend list and keep all your fans posted about where you end up next. I will be going through major withdrawal symptoms waiting for my next “fix.” –  Anonymous Listener

“On my ride through NC Sunday morning, I was pleasantly surprised by a great radio show, The Sunday Brunch on 100.7 FM. I want to thank Kitty Kinnin’s for these few hours of infectious music and banter. What a playlist (and what a voice)!“ – Brooklyn Audio