A Sunday Kind of Love Revisited

[column width=”100%” margin_top=”2%” margin_bottom=”3%”]This week: Kitty revisits the terrific musical selections from her first show.[/column]

[column width=”100%” margin_top=”0%” margin_bottom=”1%”]FEATURED EVENT:  Alice Lutz on Triangle Family Services Gingerbread Benefit this 12/4! Listen Now![/column]
[column width=”100%” margin_top=”0%” margin_bottom=”1%”]SOUND SIP: Craig Heffley of Wine Authorities on Wine & Popcorn and his new Raleigh location. Listen Now![/column]
[column width=”100%” margin_top=”0%” margin_bottom=”1%”]FEATURE: Kitty chats with Chef Vivian Howard of Chef & The Farmer about her new PBS documentary hit, A Chef’s LifeListen Now![/column]
[column width=”100%” margin_top=”0%” margin_bottom=”2%”]WHAT’S UP CHIP: Kitty and Chip discuss where Shakespeare may have really gotten his inspiration. Listen Now![/column]
[column width=”100%” margin_top=”0%” margin_bottom=”2%”]Check the Podcast listings to listen &/or download this or any past shows or features! And please comment on music (& everything you see). Don’t forget to SHOP from my store for  music and cool products at the best prices available! (I work w/ some of the top online companies so it’s completely safe & secure!)  Follow me and share on FB and Twitter.[/column]


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